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handy case with prototyping and facilitation materials
all materials neatly sorted in compartments
for 2 teams up to 12 participants

What is in there?

materials to inspire creative tinkering
tools to collaborate as a team
materials and tools for rapid prototyping

delivery time: 4-7 business days

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No more arduous single orders, where purchases arrive one by one or need to be found at the last minute in disorganized stores. Save procurement cost and time!

Our protobox is extending the classical moderation suit case with materials that inspire creative ideas and enable rapid prototyping.

The protobox supports teams:

-to visualize first ideas and concepts fast and effortless

-to think with there hands

  • to integrate merely cognitive concepts into a mutual team understanding
  • channel conflicts into various options to choose from
  • create fundamentals for a early feedback

The protobox contains over 50 different materials to create super easy tangible prototypes for ideation- and innovation workshops, ux/ui projects or design thinking:

materials supporting collaborative teamwork

12x pens Stabilo68® (the german sharpie® ; ); 10x magnets, 4x packages sticky notes 76x76mm; 8x packages sticky notes 127x76mm, 1x package sticky notes 200x149mm, 1x roll static whiteboard foil, 8 x whiteboard marker 4 colors, 192x voting dots 4 colors

materials and tools for rapid prototyping

2x sticky tape with dispenser, 1x stapler, 1x colored paper,3x foam rubber A4, 2x felt A4, 1x blister foil A4, 4x Foto mounting board A4/carton 450gr ,2x glue sticks, 1x adhesive tape, 2x paper scissors, 1x play dough 12 colors, styrofoam pieces (2 rings, 2 balls, 2 cones and 2 rectangles), 10x straws, 20x wooden skewers, 10x pipe cleaners, 1x wire, 1x box cutter, 1x aluminum foil, 1x plastic foil, 1x hemp yarn, 10x cloth pins, 1x coloring pens 12 colors, divers office pins, rubber bans, wool, fabric, crepe paper, corrugated cardboard

materials to ignite creativity and inspire

10x ballons, 2x small cars, 40xLego®/Q-Bricks, 5x Lego® figures, 1xLego®base panel, 1x bag of playmais, several wooden figures, 1x surprise

4 reviews for Protobox

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Extremely lovingly designed product – every little detail is noticed and certainly not off the shelf.
    A lot of material at a fair price!
    Perfect for a workshop, with all materials: post-it, whiteboard foil, etc.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Beautiful suitcases! We had three pieces for six teams (2 days long) and it worked fine! Bring a little flipchart paper and finish the material preparation.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    It was a pleasure again with the Protoboxes to make the workshop yesterday.
    Not only was the material consumed properly, but one of the protoboxes itself was also built into a prototype.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    Extensive and complete, just get started for the workshop.
    1 star trigger for the stability of the “handle”. After 2 workshops the handles were already torn off on 2 boxes.

    • Protobox

      Thanks for the feedback! We experimented for a long time with different material variants.
      The handle is now stable and tear-off. Take a look at the new protobox here.

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